"Thank you for your help in getting our aerospace assemblies welded. Diede Precision Welding demonstrated skill and speed in getting prototype fixturing and weld schedule completed for our challenging welds. The quality was great and your pricing was very competitive. I always enjoy sending customers to you because I am confident that they will be delighted by your creative solutions. Keep up the good work."
Eric Robinson, Omnisafe Inc.

"It has been my honor to have been associated with Ehrich Diede, President of Diede Precision Welding, for nearly 17 years. During this time he has shown that his work ethic, professionalism, and most importantly, his creativity in the business of material joining technique and procedures is unequaled in this business. He is, by far, a true innovator who continually strives to improve his product through unique tooling and equipment support so that his customer base will ultimately receive the benefits of a real craftsman. I can think of very few people who have his thirst for knowledge and who will put the needs and concerns of those who rely on him above his own and his company."
Pat Cunneen, MKS Technology for Productivity

"Diede Precision Welding is one of the best suppliers I have! Their attention to detail extends beyond dimensions. Ehrich and his staff care enough to call you regarding issues and many times they have suggestions that produce a better weldment! They've saved my bacon numerous times with a quick response when I have a machine down. You can count on Ehrich's procedures and tooling to produce some of the best gas lines you'll see anywhere, whether you're in Silicon Valley or on the International Space Station!"
Lee Vestman, PE, Sr. Mechanical Engineer, Sundew Technologies

"I want to express my appreciation for the support we received throughout the years. Our biggest challenges are small batch, hard to manufacture, lower volume production runs that need utmost attention and accuracy. It is very hard to maintain control over the processes in our production environment. You provided very accurate implacable support on these processes that require weld parameters repeatability and highest quality, not to mention about developing these processes. We value your continues support and reliability. Looking forward to working with you on new projects."
Giorgi Kerecelidze, Micro Motion, Inc.

"The work performed by Diede Precision Welding is second to none. The quality of the work and the timely manner in which it is performed has enabled our company to increase production and keep costs down. Diede Precision Welding's uncompromising standards and attention to detail has helped to develop a far superior product."
Mike Grisham, Stable Laser Systems

"Diede Precision Welding has been able to solve many of our difficult high purity welding problems, from thick wall butt weld tubing to sintered metal filters."
Mike Jenkins, Matheson Gas, Inc.

"Diede Precision Welding, Inc. has consistently provided on time delivery of high quality product to SAES Getters USA, Inc. since 1995. Ehrich, the owner, has also provided design for manufacture guidance, weld fixture design and weld fixture manufacturing services. Ehrich is, in my opinion, an expert in the operation of WELDLOGIC welding lathes and has even provided setup assistance with a welding lathe at our facility. I would highly recommend Ehrich and his company to anyone in need of high precision welding."
Timothy R. Armstrong, Manufacturing Manager, Saes Getters USA, Inc.