Diede Precision Welding, Inc. provides specialized welding services for the electronics, semiconductor, specialty chemicals, biochemical and pharmaceutical industries. Our welding techniques are based on industry specifications of demanding purity and leak standards, and incorporate complex geometries and connections requirements.

The services we provide include:

  • Consultation during preliminary and detail design
  • Preparation of materials and welding specifications
  • Print review regarding weld fixturing for prototype and production runs
  • Set-up, programming, procedural writing, documentation, project monitoring to completion
  • Research and location of rare parts, over-runs, and set-up one-off jobs

Consulting Services:

Ehrich Diede, Certified Welder, offers consulting services that include:

  • Best Practices
  • Custom Fixtures*
  • Procurement of cost effective parts and materials
  • Experienced in multiple materials, alloys and elements
  • Turn Key Projects

*Ehrich Diede designed (and patented) the micro align plate in 1996 for the AMI 9-500 orbital welder and is still in use today. This fixture supports the weight of the part being welded rather than the weld head. This helps with line up and keeps the weldment square. The micro align plate is an example of our ability to create custom fixtures.
Contact Drew@diedeprecisionweld.com for more information.

Some of our Clients: