Our high-purity welding utilizing weld lathes and orbital systems have earned the confidence and praise of the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, vacuum welding and specialty chemical industries. We make parts manufacturable by fixturing along with weld procedures which ensures repeatability.

High Purity Welding has a lot of variables. When using weld Lathes, the electrode is stationary, and the part rotates. Orbital welding is when the electrode is attached to the rotor and travels around a stationary part to make the weld. Utilizing both weld lathes and orbitals, a wide variety of weld configurations can be achieved.

Preparation of the part is as important as the weld procedure itself. Having clean material, good weld preps and welding in an inert atmosphere, creates the high purity weld.

At Diede Precision Welding, we design our fixturing to allow us to weld in an inert atmosphere creating both ID and OD cleanliness. Our fixturing implements a heat sink when required. The objective is to use the hot ID gas to reduce moisture and oxygen contributing to the cleanliness and uniformity of the weld.